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click for information about these symbols of world religions and liberation movements

We draw upon the worlds secular and religious traditions,
respecting the perspectives of both doubter and believer.

We offer personalized ceremonies at the site of your choice.
Consider Pilgrim Chapel or many other venues in the area.
“Vern worked with us 
to design the kind of 
ceremony we wanted, 
with excellent suggestions. 
We were really pleased. 

“Our families, from different backgrounds, were thrilled, 
and our friends keep talking 
about how special 
the wedding was.”

From Vern:

I enjoy making planning the wedding with the couple convenient and enjoyable, and the ceremony itself joyous and memorable.

Whether you want a traditional, civil, multi-faith, or
unique service, and whether you plan a private
ceremony or one for family and select friends, you may
find this information and these resources helpful. 

  How to plan your wedding
  The marriage License and Certificate
  Fees   --  and a word about costs
  About the minister 
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How to Plan Your Wedding

I'll ask you some basic questions so I can get started helping you plan. I'll refer you to some resources on this web site. 

We can meet by Zoom! 

Let’s find a time when all three of us can meet. 

I am never available Sunday mornings, but other times might be arranged. My daytime schedule is irregular and often fexible. Evenings are more difficult but might be possible. Often I am available one or more of these times: 
    Mondays 8 am  Central Time
    Tuesdays 7 pm  Central Time
    Fridays 10 am  Central Time
    Saturdays 8 am  Central Time
To view planning dates currently open for me,  please  visit this schedule. If none of these times works for you, let me know and we'll find a time!

Before we meet, please complete the planning points notes with as much information as you have currently. 

If you would like to plan, or begin planning, your ceremony by email, please complete these planning points with as much information as you have currently and email them to me,

If you wish a simple ceremony and do not wish a planning session, please complete the first 10 points with any additional information you wish to send. 

If you are considering a wedding planner or 
coordinator,  please see this advice

I look forward to celebrating your love and commitment on your Wedding Day!

Vern Barnet