Rehrsl:220603 2 pm

 as of latest plan  {r}  with  M=Minister
 BM=BestMan MH=MHonor FOB=Father of Bride
 Rehrsl:220603 2 pm
 220604 Sa 5 pm        Total expected: 60
 B: Haley Hannah           33 'Haley'
 G: Jose Barreiro          31 'Joey'

 For their LICENSE, B & G have Witnesses:
   JennySherryMnH  Alle-FayeMonkaMH

 The B&G want to see each other only WHEN
     the ceremony begins.

    Escort: Dad

 PHOTO: (Before, During, After):
 Need _lectern _side table ______________

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EVT DATE  da TIME AGE-BRIDE                AGE-GROOM                 PLGU M PHO E S


SIGN Jun 3            Dana Ayers              Eric
REH Jun  3Fr 2 pm  33 Haley Hannah         31 Joey Barreiro         PL60 
WED Jun  4Sa 5 pm  33 Haley Hannah         31 Joey Barreiro         PL60 
REH Jun 10Fr 5 pm  27 Spencer Elkinton     30 Myles                 PL47 L BDA U S
WED Jun 11Sa 4:30  27 Spencer Elkinton     30 Myles                 PL47 L BDA U S
WED Jun 25Sa 12:3~    Brandy Thurber
WED Jun 25Sa  3:3~    Katelyn Duff

1hr Jul  5Tu noon     Virginia Volzke-Bray 
REH ????????????      Erin Lemly
WED Sep 17Sa 6:30~    Erin Lemly

WED Nov 6Su  3:30     Vitoria "Tori" Hand     Joe
REH Nov 10Th  5pm    
 Samantha Haugen
WED Nov 11Fr  3~      Samantha Haugen

WED Oct 11Fr  3~      Ivana M. Lopez
KEYS    d=day of week 
P|lanned or not       L|egal or not       GUests=Attendance expected   
Music (Live Recorded None)         PHOtography (Before During After)
Entrance-Processional  (
Traditional, chapeL, Paired, Couple, cUstom)
See? S=Couple see each other before ceremony  N=not until ceremony

 PLEASE REPORT ERRORS AND CORRECTIONS.======================================
 WEDding=reg rent  1hr=elopement pkge   PLN=planng@Chpl  REHearsal   BAPtism
 Time may be      (1) when the event starts or         (2) ~reservation slot
 P=planned ceremony with couple consultation,      

 FEE SCHEDULE ==============================================================
 SERVICE with email exchange $125,  + planning mtg $175,   +  rehearsal $225
 B|aptism . H|our Wed . M|emorial . R|ehearsal+wed . V|ow-renewal . W|edding

 I am not available Sunday mornings, but I am happy to officate when wedding
 ceremonies themselves begin 1 pm or after. (I can arrive by 12:30.)


Before or after special seatings (as for parents and other close relatives), an informal greeting may be offered, and candles may be lit.

Several ways of formal entrances are in use. You will want to decide on which style or how to adapt one according to your wishes.

+These plans can be enhanced if the groom escorts a mother (or other relatives) to his/her/their seat(s) from the rear and then takes his place with the minister (and best man and groomsmen) in the chancel area.

1 or 1+. Traditional Plan   T
Minister, Groom & Best Man enter from side
Processional:  down aisle honored men, 
then women, flower girl & ring-bearer, escorted bride 

2 or 2+. Chapel Plan     L
Minister, Groom & Groomsmen enter from side
Processional:  down aisle honored women, 
flower girl & ring-bearer, escorted bride 

3 or 3+. Paired Plan     P
Minister, Groom enter from side
Processional:  down aisle attendants paired, 
flower girl & ring-bearer, escorted bride

4 or 4=. Couple Plan    C
     =after seating guest, groom returns to door,  escorts bride.
Minister enters from side
Processional:  down aisle Groom and Bride enter together,
followed by (or after) attendants

5. Custom Plan     u
Develop this with your minister (and wedding planner).