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We draw upon the worlds secular and religious traditions, respecting the perspectives of both doubter and believer.

Pilgrim Chapel resonates 
with the love of those 
who have passed through its sacred walls. It is a beautiful space for important occasions, and especially comforting for those bereaved wishing 
to honor those passed away
from the families and friends 
who will cherish their lives in,
and beyond, a fitting farewell.

PILGRIM CHAPEL 816.753.6719

This information is not provided by Pilgrim Chapel. The Rev. Vern Barnet, DMn, offers it for those seeking comfort in time of loss at the Chapel. 
Pilgrim Chapel welcomes the minister or 
lay leadership of your preference. 
Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

Selecting Clergy

Pilgrim Chapel welcomes clergy appropriate to the needs of the bereaved.

1. If the family has a spiritual home in a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or other religious community, it may provide a leader who can best lead services for the bereaved.

2. If the deceased had been hospitalized or in institutional hospice care, the chaplain who worked with the deceased, and possibly the family, might also provide the services desired.

3. Funeral homes keep lists of clergy who are skilled and compassionate in offering their services.

4. A family wishing to design and lead their own service without clergy may find websites such as this useful:

5. Pilgrim Chapel has contacts with clergy in case none of the above options are possible. Pilgrim Chapel may call on me to assist you. A brief biosketch follows below.

NOTE: Grief counseling, family dynamics, spiritual direction, and other important ways of moving forward, are best handled by professionals specifically trained in these areas.

Initial Information
Whomever you select to help you plan 
and lead the memorial service 
may find the following information helpful.

Name of the deceased with birth and death dates

Name and contact information for the person making request for services

Funeral home name and arrangements

Religious preferences or civil preference

Circumstance of death (disease, accident, etc)

Service: funeral (with body) (with interment where) or memorial (without body)


Number of family and friends expected to attend 

Scheduled speakers

Will others attending be invited to speak? 
(This is not recommended except for closed family observances.)

Music: live or recorded

Printed program details if any

Other wishes

About Dr Barnet
     If none of the preferred ministers listed above is available and you wish me to help you plan and lead the service, please contact PILGRIM CHAPEL  -- 816.753.6719  -- to make arrangements. You may want to know about me, so here is a bio-sketch:
Dr Vern Barnet, ordained in 1970, after parish service as senior minister, founded CRES in 1982 as a multifaith resource for Kansas City, and in 1989 created the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council. For eighteen years, his column, “Faiths and Beliefs,” appeared each Wednesday in The Kansas City Star into his retirement. 
     The recipient of many awards for his civic and professional activities, and author of numerous articles, poems, and reviews, and several books, he has taught at area colleges and seminaries, and has studied and spoken throughout the United States and abroad. In his own church, he is an layman active locally and regionally. He is noted on Wikipedia and an extensive biography appears on the CRES website here. He is minister emeritus at CRES.
     He prefers to be called simply “Vern” — though if you want to include his name on a printed program, please use this style: 
The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn.

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