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CRES is a 501(c)(3) organization promoting understanding of all faiths through teaching, writing, and consulting.

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Steven L Jeffers, 
Michael E Nelson, 
Vern Barnet,
Michael C Brannigan



At the Pluralism Project, we consider Kansas City to be truly at the forefront of interfaith relations. This is — in no small part — due to the tireless efforts of Vern Barnet, whose work and writings have been an inspiration to all of us at the Pluralism Project.

     In a recent column, he wrote, "Community is created not so much by intellectual debate but by people getting to know one another." 

     I am struck by the innovative ways the people have gotten to know one another here, from CRES and the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council to the play, "The Hindu and the Cowboy" and the Gifts of Pluralism conference. 

—Ellie Pierce,
principal researcher for
The Pluralism Project at
Harvard University
 We continue to offer 
programs initiated by others
but we no longer create our own.
Vern's KC Star column has ended 
after 18 years and 947 columns.
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 O T H E R    W E B S I T E S
Greater KC Interfaith Council
founded by CRES in 1989 
hosted by CRES through 2004 
 now independent with our blessings
 Human Agenda Cultural Crossroads
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CRES may be the most connected interfaith effort in Kansas City, and the only one wedding academic competence with practical activities, but many groups are involved one way or another in promoting interfaith understanding. An increasing number of organizations bring interfaith awareness to their work. For a list, please see our report, KC Interfaith Opportunities, and let us know about the groups we missed.

And you as an individual, you can encourage America’s tradition of pluralism by

    *  supporting these organizations,
    *  writing newspapers,
   *  phoning in on talk shows,
    *  arranging CRES programs for your groups
    * arranging speakers from many faiths for your groups

     and specifically, working through CRES, you can

   * use our INTERFAITH PASSPORT to visit various religious groups and build relationships
   *  write report on events for Many Pathsand our website
    *  represent CRES at meetings
    *  help to prepare Many Paths for mailing
    *  research (such as helping us to compile information about our religious pluralism in the area, such as our work on Islamand on Buddhism
    *  volunteer to assist with CRES workshops, etc
    *  provide your special skills and talents, such as providing music for one of our programs, assisting with publicity, hosting a fund-raiser in your home to acquaint friends with CRES and Many Paths, assist with our web site, tape CRES appearances, etc.
    *  contribute your own creativity through CRES
   *  support the work with a financial contribution to CRES

contact staff@cres.org, Box 45414, Kansas City, MO 64171

Donor Information
CRES is a 501(c)(3) charity as determined by the IRS in its 1985 July 17 letter. It is a Kansas not-for-profit also registered in Missouri. It is operated by a Board of Directors and led by the Rev Vern Barnet, DMin and a volunteer staff

CRES, with its scholarly capacities and practical networking,  has been central tothe development of interfaith work in Kansas City and has been nationally recognized by CBS-TV, Harvard University's Pluralism Project, and in other ways. 

Because of our professional volunteer staff, your gift to CRES provides an enormous "bang for the buck."

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Crescat scientia, vita excolator -- Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched. --University of Chicago motto