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MANY PATHS, our former 12-page color monthly journal gives way to other writing projects, including the 740-page Essential Guide to Religious Traditions and Spirituality for Health Care Providers, now in print. For back issues of MANY PATHS, please write


Interfaith networking requests may be directed to 
The Greater KC Interfaith Council
(founded by CRES in 1989, independent since 2005)

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    SPEAKING, consultation, teaching, writing 
           with a multi-faith perspective 

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 2019 Central Baptist Theological Seminary         RETIRED: Saint Paul School of Theology, Avila University, Ottawa University, Unity Institute

*We do not offer MEMORIAL services except when requested through Pilgrim Chapel. Families without a religious home may rely on a funeral director for advice. Some guides for planning a service without a clergyperson may be found on the internet, such as
     If a member of the clergy is desired, we suggest contacting the chaplain's office at a hospital or a professor of pastoral care at one of the theological schools (Central Baptist, Saint Paul Theological, Midwestern, Nazarene) who made have a student sufficiently trained to do this. Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Unitarian and other faiths may also provide advice according to the wishes of the family.