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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
bio page    CRES minister emeritus

Thank You for comment on my
Kansas City Star column

Dear Correspondent:

Sometimes comments on a column are so overwhelming that I am unable to respond to each one individually. Please excuse me for replying in this way. If I have not yet read yours, I will get to it as I value reader insights and do read each one individually, although not always as soon as they arrive. But I do want to acknowlege them immediately this way and look forward to reading them all.

If you liked the column, or something about it, I say Thank you.

If you complain about the column, or something in it, I say Thank you.

If you offer a suggestion or tell me something about yourself, I say Thank you. Since I am not a member of The Star staff (I am a "repeat free lance"), please send your suggestion directly to The Star. Here is a link to the web page with the newsroom directory:

Please feel free to share your perspective though a Letter to the Editor if you wish or on-line under the web version of the column. Information about submitting a letter can be found at

Thank you for letting me know my column attracted your attention and for your response to it. I appreciate your reading the column and taking the time to write.

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Vern Barnet
Thank you for letting me know how the way I worded the column came across to you. 

With very limited space I do my best. A contrary view, a supporting statement, or a sideways amplification in the Letters section of the paper or under the column on The Star's website is always welcome.

Different readers bring their own experience, knowledge, concerns, and agenda to what they read, just as writers do to what they write. My interfaith background challenges  me to consider a greater range of viewpoints than some folks without similar experience.

Of course I keep trying to widen my own understanding, 
and so I welcome communications from readers. 

However, I guess I'm a bit of a Postmodernist or Deconstructionist 
when it comes to communication theory.

Folks can read into the wording their own experience, knowledge, concerns, and agenda. And readers have every right to do so. My columns sometimes act as Rorschach ink blots, and when I am fortunate to hear from readers, I sometimes learn about them as much as myself or the subject of the column.

The column size is strictly limited, but I am glad often to include additional material under the column on this website, along with readers' comments when possible.