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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
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While CRES continues to offer  teaching, writing, ceremonies, and consulting to the community, we are asking other organizations growing in the interfaith climate we had a part in nurturing, to assume networking and other services we previously provided.

Accordingly, we have taken these multi-year graded steps carefully as Vern moves more fully into retirement.

2003 Dec 31, Vern ended leadership of the Interfaith Council which he had founded in 1989.

2004 Dec 31, CRES ended its support for the Council's administrative assistant employed by CRES.

2005 Jan 1, the Council became fully independent.

2007 Apr 23, Vern concluded over 20 years of night classes at Ottawa University - Kansas City.

2007 Sep 12, Vern concluded the last regular evening lecture in a many-year occasional series at the Rime Buddhist Center.

2007 Dec 31, the position of administrative assistant was ended.

2008 Feb 11, By request, Vern, still carrying duties he had hoped to relinquish, appears before the Interfaith Council and recommends the Council retain professional leadership, which it does by July 1.

2008 July 25, Vern ends activities for which transportation is not arranged.

2009 Jan 1, MANY PATHS discontinued regular publication.

2009 Feb 1, CRES ended its on-line  calendar for community groups announcing events of interfaith interest.

2009 Mar 3, CRES modified its 913 area phone service to outgoing  message only.

2009 Mar 25, CRES discontinued its bulk mailing permit.

2009 Apr 18, CRES offered the last special program it initiated,* a concert with the Barclay Martin Ensemble with a new song commissioned for the occasion with the message embedded in this chart.

2009 Apr 23, Vern resigns from the board of the Friends of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas.

2009 June 30, Vern concludes his service on the board of the Kansas City Tomorrow Alumni Association.

2009 Nov 22, CRES concluded its initiation* of programs with the 25th annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Sunday Family Ritual Meal. Our promotional email list was discontinued.

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Continuing . . . .  Vern continues the Wednesday The Kansas City Star "Faiths and Beliefs" column which he has written since 1994. 

2010 June 14, CRES signs papers authorizing the Heartland Chapter of the Alliance of Divine Love under specific conditions to continue the annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Sunday Family Ritual Meal. It is expected that the ADL and other organizations will cooperate in aranging this event.

2010 June 22, ADL announces the 2010 annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Sunday Family Ritual Meal will be held Nov 21 at the Regnier Hall (12600 Quivira Road, Overland Park, KS 66213). The 2010 dinner is also co-sponsored by the Johnson County Community College Office of International Education and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  of Johnson County Community College and will institute a new award, "The Vern Barnet Interfaith Service Award," with Barnet as the inaugural awardee.

2010 July 1, CRES begins the process of gathering together material from the past several decades to document the  the development of interfaith work locally for an archive to be deposited with an institution yet to be selected. 

2011 Mar/Apr, Unity Magazine publishes a short account by Vern of Kansas City interfaith friendships and goals. Link.

*CRES continues some program involvement initiated by others 

Vern Barnet