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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
bio page    CRES minister emeritus



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CRES membership is legally confined to the Board
of Directors. We are not a congregation or an association of congregations. We are an institute promoting multi-faith understanding.

We welcome all others to participate in the work of
understanding the many faiths of the world and 
applying their wisdom to address the 
environmental, personal, and social crises 
which are evidence of the overwhelming 
desacralized culture in which we live.

However we serve primarily the greater Kansas City
community. Our "offspring," the Greater Kansas City
Interfaith Council, independent since 2004, may also be of interest to you. 

You are welcome to explore the many resources on
our web site (including links to other organizations) 
and to join our work in any and all of the ways
listed on our home page.

All of us are volunteers. Unfortunately, 
we do not have money to grant other agencies.

Thank you for your interest! -- 
please do explore our web site! 

Vern Barnet