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Kansas City InterfaithCouncil

founded and hosted by CRES, 1989-2004
Vern Barnet, convener emeritus
promoting understanding among peoples of all faiths

The Council is now independent from CRES.
Council material remains on CRES web site as a courtesy
until the Council is able to develop its own web presence.

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For a copy of the Speakers Bureau, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
CRES, Box 4165, Overland Park, KS 66204, email us your request,
phone us at 913.649.5114 for particular contacts,
or use links to each faith's webpages as they become available.
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Council Members

American Indian Spirituality - Kara Hawkins email ............ Biographical Sketch

Baha'i - Barb McAtee email........ Biographical Sketch

Buddhist - Chuck Stanford email.......... Biographical Sketch

Christian - Protestant - Wallace S Hartsfield email.....Biographical Sketch

Christian - Roman Catholic - George M Noonan email...........Biographical Sketch

Hindu - Kris Krishna email........Biographical Sketch

Jewish - Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn email....... Biographical Sketch

Muslim - A Rauf Mir email........Biographical Sketch
                    6400 Prospect, Suite 480, KCMO 64132,  444.7300

Sikh Dharma - Karta Purkh S Khalsa email.......Biographical SketchB
                                   3525 Walnut, KCMO 64111, 561.5337

Sufi - Larry Sousley email..... Biographical Sketch
              1840 Newton, KCMO  64126; 816.483.8077

Unitarian Universalist - Kathy Riegelmanemail.....Biographical Sketch
                    All Souls UU Church web page link

Wiccan - Caroline Baughman email..... BBiographical Sketch

Zoroastrian - Daryoush Jahanian email.....Biographical Sketch

Official observer
    Vedanta - Uma email.  .Biographical Sketch
Observers From World Headquarters
    Community of Christ - The Rev W Grant McMurray  emailBiographical Sketch
    Unity - The Rev Sharron Connors  email   Biographical Sketch
    Church of the Nazarene - The Rev William C Miller  email

Vern Barnet founded the Council.
David E Nelson - Past Convenor      Caroline Baughman- Convenor
Kathy Riegielman- Co-Convenor

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October 9, 2002
In response to remarks made by Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell,
the Kansas City Interfaith Council has adopted the following statement:

     America is rooted in religious pluralism. Religious prejudice is more than silly; it is dangerous to our community and our nation. When American religious leaders perpetuate misunderstanding and promote bigotry, we are all shamed. Therefore, we must express our deep regret over recent inaccurate and divisive remarks by religious leaders Franklin Graham calling Islam a "wicked religion" and Jerry Falwell characterizing Muhammad as a "terrorist."
     When one faith is attacked, all faiths are jeopardized. We work for a community and a nation celebrating its religious diversity. For over a decade, from 13 different faiths, the members of the Kansas City Interfaith Council have worked together in mutual regard and respect. We urge all to replace prejudice with understanding. Our differences are blessings, and the spirit of kinship unites us all together.

Kara Hawkins (American Indian), Simeon Kohlman Rabbani (Baha'i), Lama Chuck Stanford (Buddhist), the Rev Wallace Hartsfield (Christian-Protestant), Father Pat Rush (Christian-Roman Catholic), Rabbi Joshua Taub (Jewish), Anand Bhattacharyya (Hindu), A Rauf Mir, MD (Muslim), Karta Purkh Sign Khalsa (Sikh), Ali Kadr (Sufi), the Rev Kathy Riegelman (Unitarian Universalist), Mike Nichols (Wiccan), Daryoush Jahanian, MD (Zoroastrian), the Rev David E Nelson (chairman), the Rev Vern Barnet (convener).

2001 September 12


Members of the Kansas City Interfaith Council join with religious leaders throughout the world in condemning the terrorism which struck the United States Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Our prayers are with the victims and their families and all of us affected by the enormity of these events.
   Our faiths teach us to work for understanding, peace and justice. We call upon all citizens of the region, whatever their faiths, to deepen their commitments and to enlarge their compassion. We must open our hearts to all peoples as we grieve together.
    We are concerned that stereotyping may impede our sense of human kinship, and fear may stifle our trust in those of other faiths. We need to grow with mutual reassurance. This is why leaders of the various faiths here join in this common statement.
    At the very moments we were learning about the attacks, we were announcing plans for Kansas City's first Interfaith Conference, Oct 27-28. The need for such a conference is made even clearer by the tragic events we have just witnessed.
    We have much work to do, and that work must be guided by compassion and understanding.

Simeon Kohlman Rabbani—Bahá’í
Chuck Stanford—Buddhist
The Rev Rayfield Burns (for Wallace Hartsfield)—Christian, Protestant
George M Noonan—Christian, Roman Catholic
Anand Bhattacharyya—Hindu
Rabbi Joshua Taub—Jewish
A Rauf Mir, MD—Muslim
Karta Purkh S Khalsa—Sikh
Ali Kadr—Sufi
Kathy Reigelman—Unitarian Universalist
Mike Nichols—Wiccan
Daryoush Jahanian, MD—Zoroastrian
Uma—Vedanta Observer
David E Nelson—Chair

Vern Barnet—Convener