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Suggestions from David Nelson
for the Three Task Forces

"Here in Kansas City interfaith relationship shall be honored as a way of deepening one's own tradition and spirituality, and the wisdom of many religions shall help to successfully address the environmental, personal, and social crises of our often fragmented world."

Conference Declaration
-- From the Conference Concluding Declaration
Gathering Process

 1. Each person shares name, religious community and a reason they have agreed to be part of the Nature/Personhood/Community Task Group.

 2. Tell of successful religious gatherings and responses to the challenges identified above concerning the environment, personhood and community.  Who was involved?  What made these work?  Why were they examples of the vision shared in the above statement?

 3. How can we create more of these types of responses and make Kansas City a welcoming community for all people of faith?

 4. Develop "provocative propositions" which define the way we are in the Heart of America. Provocative Propositions describe an ideal state of circumstances that will foster the climate that creates the possibilities to do more of what works.  The purpose of provocative propositions is to keep our best at a conscious level.  They are ways to describe the archetypes (patterns or symbols) of our community.  They are symbolic statements because they have meaning well beyond words, reminding us of what is best about faith communities and how everyone can participate in creating more of the best.  These will be distributed to all participants in the "Gifts" Conference and others.  These propositions are derived from stories that actually took place, therefore are grounded in history, tradition, and facts.

 5. Identify, celebrate, and support those groups and individuals who are doing this work in our area.  This includes listing in Many Paths and on CRES web site.

 6. Explore further plans where gaps appear between our vision and current reality.

 7. Select the time and place for the next meeting.

 8. Share a report of the meeting with the a Council through email through the CRES office or other means.