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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
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Social networking

Greeting Cards below

update, 2016:
OK, I finally give in to LinkedIn,
and a friend has added a Facebook page about my book.

Dear Friend:

I appreciate the compliment of your request. By all means, please keep my contact info handy; if I can do anything for you, let me know.

I cherish emails from friends but am leery of joining groups that might use contact information for marketing, even though that is not your intent. I appear on a few networking sites only to give my CRES contact information, not to use the sites for building networks. But now you know how to reach me, and feel free to do so directly, not through a network. 

I must avoid linking networks; I have so many contacts already that I cannot adequately maintain correspondence as it is. I am afraid that being in an additional professional or social network might make it more difficult to keep the commitments I already have.

Folks can certainly access my web site which contains answers to most of the questions they might raise with me.

As you'll see, my Facebookistan entry offers the CRES contact information to be used instead of Facebook. I want folks to be able to find me, but I cannot use the "social networking" ways of communication.

I am sorry to have to decline your invitation. Best wishes with your network and your personal and professional growth. 

RESPONSE #63B Greeting Cards

I'm delighted to receive direct greetings, but I do not open commercial or other third-party emailed/internet greetings. 

Vern Barnet