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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
bio page    CRES minister emeritus

Endorsements, 'blurbs,' 
mentions in my column, 
website networking, etc.

Thank you for the compliment of suggesting I might be helpful to you and/or your project by my mentioning you, your project, or your service in my Kansas City Star column, on the CRES website, by writing a publicity "blurb" for your use, by networking our website with yours, or some other way of endorsing your work. My specialty is multi-faith work, and any request must align. 

Book, CD, etc review 

  Almost every day I receive requests to read, listen to, and write about books, CDs, DVDs, videos, manuscripts, and other materials. I am overwhelmed. In my so-called "retirement," I have no staff assistance and I need to focus on long-delayed projects while I still have some health and energy. This means setting priorities after a life of habitually saying YES to  whatever I am asked to do. 
    Naturally I would like to oblige you, whether you just want an informal opinion, a publicity blurb, or a review in my Kansas City Star column. The Star has certain ethical requirements (see below), and other considerations may not  be obvious. 

In a written "repeat free-lance" agreement with The Star, renewed annually, I have agreed to The Star's ethical standards, and my obligations to my readers means that the column cannot be influenced by considerations of friendship but must have independent justification.

With most correspondents, the following applies: Normally books, CDs and other materials for review must be sent to The Star and remain The Star's property. If material is provided to me directly, I must relinquish it to The Star. I can accept no gifts or other considerations when they are provided as inducements related to The Star.

Of course I cannot endorse, review, or comment on material with which I have not had a chance to become acquainted. Exceptions to a possible "finished product" rule might include final proof copies of a book.

The column's content is limited to certain religious issues and cannot be used for topics that are beyond its focus. It may be that another writer in another assignment area might be a better fit for the material than I.

For more information about scheduling The Star column, see  59. Star Column idea, schedule, etc.

I am freer to support worthy endeavors as minister emeritus at CRES, and I am grateful to learn about and support efforts in the fields of interfaith understanding and the life of the spirit consistent with the vision, mission, and values of CRES. On rare occasions, contacts initiated through CRES may seem appropriate to inform my connection with The Star.

Beginning with transfering the Interfaith Council from a CRES program to its independence (2005), CRES has sought to wind down while encouraging other groups to assume responsibility for work, services, and programs we initiated. This includes ending our monthly publication MANY PATHS (2008), ending our in-line community calendar (2008-9), and discontinuing all public events created by CRES (2009 Nov 22).

Thank you for understanding and best wishes with your endeavors. And here are other ideas for your promotion: 

Vern Barnet