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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
bio page    CRES minister emeritus
Request for 
Letters of Recommendation and Evaluation 

Dear Friend: 

          Because I receive so many requests for letters of recommendation or completion of forms, and because I certainly want to respond as soon as possible, please assist me by preparing a draft for me to work from. Write as if you were me. Do not hesitate to put flattering words about yourself in my mouth. You want this to be a strong recommendation, so imagine the best. I'll take responsibility for what I ultimately produce, and I will be honest, of course, but your guidance in drafting it will be a great help for me with the time crunch. 

          If appropriate, you may want to include this information. It need not be in this order or in this format; write in a way most appropriate to the person or agency requesting the recommendation or evaluation. 

  • the capacity in which I would be making the recommendation (ie, teacher, pastor, friend . . . .) 
  • the time I have known you, and to what degree 
  • how my recommendation is appropriate to the purpose for which you wish to be recommended 
  • the nature of the purpose for which you wish to be recommended and the skills, backgrounds, and energies that I have observed relevant to that purpose. 
  • specific incidents, projects, circumstances, accomplishments, capacities 
          You can email me the material as plain text in the body of the email to; or if a particular paper form is required, photocopy it and complete it for me, and send it and the blank original to me at 
              Vern Barnet 
              Box 45414 
              Kansas City, MO 64171. 

        In some cases it may be best to work on the final draft together over coffee.

          I do want to help, and this is how you can help me help you.  

Vern Barnet