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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
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These days I do have to watch my schedule closely, 
so at this point I'll not be able to arrange a time to meet with you personally. 
I hope you understand:



Regretfully, I must decline.

Dear Friend:

No, but thank you for the compliment of your invitation or offer. 

I regret that my schedule is over-full already and I simply have to say No to invitations such as yours, even when I am enthusiastic about the possible topic, thrilled by the opportunity for service, interested in the material you've offered to me to read or view, and/or for the enticing gathering of folks.

Although it may not be the most polite thing to admit, the truth is one never knows how much longer one has to accomplish important projects. At my age (Thanks, but I'm older than I look!), this becomes a critical consideration. After a lifetime of saying Yes to requests for countless little things and a number of big things, it is difficult for me to push such pleasures aside in order to complete several projects that I think may be of some benefit after I am gone. 

Please understand that I honor you and your intent and the nature of your request, invitation, or offer, and that I regret being unable to do what you thoughtfully and generously desired of me.

WIth best wishes, 

Vern Barnet