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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is CRES ecumenical?

Q2. What, then, is the mission of CRES? Q3. But the mission of churches arises from similar questions. Q4. In what ways can world religions contribute to answering the question, "What is sacred?"
  Q5. So that's the origin of another CRES mottos: "Primal Faiths, restored with nature; Asian Faiths, the self made whole; Monotheistic Faiths, relationships reclaimed, Liberation movements, finding the sacred afresh." Q6. But religions often seem to be the cause of trouble, rather than the cure. Q7. With the importance CRES gives world religions, why be concerned with science, art, sport, and such? Q8. Why does CRES focus its work in Kansas City? Q9. But why Kansas City? Q10. Explain the remaining CRES motto: "Earth Water Fire Air/ Sensation Intuition Passion Intellect." Q11. Does CRES do anything with these ideas other than summarize them as a motto? Q13. When are CRES regular programs? Q14. How do you find out about what CRES is doing? Q15. Where is CRES located? Q16. Is CRES unique? Q17. How is CRES supported? Q18. In what sense is CRES religious? Q19. Where can I see more information about the mission,  guiding question, response to the three great crises of our time with the collection of symbols from the Three Families of Faith and Liberation Movements,  history, and financial gifts to CRES? Q20. How do you become a member of CRES? Q21. What does C-R-E-S stand for?
The name "CRES" derives from the original name of the organization,
the [World Faiths] Center for Religious Experience and Study.
Few could remember what the initials stood for, so the Board decided
to go the way of UMB, which is no longer United Missouri Bank,
IBM which used to be International Business Machines, etc,
so now we just use "CRES" with the tag descriptions
"promoting understanding among peoples of all faiths"
and "Kansas City's Interfaith Network."

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