A servant church in the heart of the city
"I firmly believe that the worship life of this church is the main event."
--The Very Reverend Peter DeVeau, dean emeritus, in his "Word at Parting"

Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi

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Committee Members

The Very Rev. Peter DeVeau 

Lay members
Vern Barnet, co-chair, vern@cres.org
Mark Matzeder 
Linda Martin
Michelle Ritter
John Shelton 
Matthew VanderMolen 
suggested addition:
Andrew Johnson

Ex officio
    the Rev. Canon Evelyn Hornaday
The Rev. Canon Christy Dorn
Music Director Dr Paul Meier 
Young Adult Coord. 
   Marco Serrano
Children and Family Coord. 
    Julie Brogno 
Senior Warden Mark Galus 
Vestry Liaison Chuck Ritter 
Sacristan Sharon Sprague
Head Acolyte Jeff Johnson
Head Usher David Telep 
Former Jr Warden David Barker

Chris Morgan 
Kay Woolley
Scott Anthony

c=confirmed c-=no meal
i=follow-up inquiry via email

From the Vestry-- STRATEGIC PLAN

GOAL: Provide distinct and meaningful worship opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our diverse community.

DESCRIPTION: For our congregation and our community, who seek relevant and meaningful worship that delivers a hopeful and timely message, this team will
• Research and identify worship needs within the congregation and in our community.
• Advise the Dean or designee on how to address those needs.
• Support the Dean or designee with implementation of worship opportunities.
• Continuously evaluate worship needs and ensure alignment to participation and demographic trends.
• Engage with and support the Music program.

• Every service we offer is meaningful, engages with Scripture, and adheres to Anglican tradition as expressed in the Episcopal Church.
• To engage our diverse community, we offer distinct services that are traditional, contemplative, and contemporary.
• To meet the needs of our diverse community, our clergy seeks community engagement in worship opportunities

•  Artifacts demonstrating research into distinct and varied services offered within the within and beyond the Episcopal tradition that inform diverse worship opportunities.
•  Artifacts demonstrating distinct services (e.g., service programs); quantity of community members engaged in distinct services; quality of community feedback.
•  Quantity of community members participating in various worship opportunities (e.g., Eucharistic ministers, acolytes, lectors, musicians, guest preachers, etc.)

Form a Worship Committee that will work with clergy to • research and identify worship needs and advise on how to address those needs.

The other committees are
• Social Justice and Outreach
• Hospitality and Care 
• Newcomer
• ChristianFormation and Congregational Life
• Public Relations

Our Job Description

In light of the Cathedral’s Strategic Plan with the specific goal of providing distinct and meaningful worship opportunities, and grateful for the treasury we have inherited and the beckoning of the future, the Worship Committee shall —

     1. Pursue study of the rich meanings of our liturgical and devotional traditions and possibilities through committee members’ conversations with each other, and share insights with the congregation through educational communications and programs. This living tradition includes daily, weekly, seasonal, personal transition, and special worship experiences, in both specific elements and entire liturgies.

    2. From time to time, review the congregation’s worship experiences and advise the Dean and others on how worship experiences, and the skills and resources which make them possible, may be diversified, celebrated, enhanced, and enlarged.

     3. Support and encourage the clergy, other staff, and volunteers in their roles in making worship most meaningful, beautiful, and embracing. Specifically, with the Dean, Music Director, and others, help plan seasonal liturgies. This includes an advisory, consultative, cooperative relationship in sundry ways and to varying degrees with clergy, musicians, sacristy guild, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, acolytes, lectors, sexton, buildings and grounds, children’s ministry, catechumens, and pew participants.

     4. Cooperate and communicate with other strategic plan committees as appropriate.

revised and approved 
by the Committee 
Aug 6, 2017
to forward to the Vestry
with the understanding 
that revisions are possible 
as the Committee gains 
experience and insight.


Any Body There?-- Worship and Being Human in a Digital Age
Craig Mueller, 2017, about 140 pages
     The author, a Chicago Lutheran pastor whose growing congregation has attracted young people, emphasizes the fleshy, sensual nature of worshipers.

The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography
Alan Jacobs

The Oxford History of Christian Worship
Geoffrey Wainwright and Karen B Westerfield Tucker 

Evelyn Underhill

Reaching Out without Dumbing Down: A Theology of Worship for This Urgent Time
Marva J Dawn

For the Life of the World: Sacraments and Orthodoxy
Alexander Schmemann, 1963/1973 

Religion in Human Evolution
Robert N Bellah

The Feast of Fools,
Harvey Cox, 1969 

The Spirit of the Liturgy
Romano Guardini, 1935 

"Finding God in All Things: A Sacramental Worldview and Its Effects"
Michael J. Himes,  2001, in 
As Leaven in the World: Essays on Faith, Vocation, and the Intellectual Life
ed. Thomas M. Landy 



Dear Worship Committee Members--

A report on our meeting today appears at
which includes this link to our revised Job Description,
which we are forwarding to the Vestry.

We honored each other not only by our participation but also by completing our work within the allotted hour.

Thanks to Mark, Matt, John, Peter, Sharon, and the church staff who helped arrange and/or return the "props" for this session.

We decided to meet next for a light meal 6-8 pm Sept 17 following Choral Evensong. For our spiritual exercise that evening, please think about your favorite spots in the nave (including the gallery) and chancel.

And for more fun: my son just alerted me to this:

[Attending: Peter, Vern, Mark, Linda, Michelle, John, Matt, Paul, Marco, Chuck, guest Chris Morgan; pop-in by REVelyn.]

Dear Worship Committee Members--

1. We meet next this Sunday at 11:45 in a break-out room in the carpeted area in Founders. Look for our Worship Committe sign! Below is a tentative agenda as of now. Any updates before the meeting will be posted on our webpage, http://www.cres.org/GHTC/ at http://www.cres.org/GHTC/index.htm#Agenda .

2. At this meeting, after opening prayer, we'll do a short exercise as we come to know one another better in the context of our worship sensibilities. The major work for us at this meeting is to forward a committee job description -- http://www.cres.org/GHTC/index.htm#Job -- to the Vestry. Let's plan on a one-hour meeting with a final prayer before 12:45.

3. We've begun implementing item (1) in the list of possible projects -- for the archive, http://www.cres.org/GHTC/index.htm#Archives . Thanks especially to Matt for last Sunday's contribution http://www.cres.org/GHTC/index.htm#e170730 , and to Linda's forthcoming invitation to view the Madona window http://www.cres.org/GHTC/index.htm#Aug13 .

4. If we are interested in item (14), a pre-eclipse event, this is our last chance to plan.

5. If you have other items for possible discussions or projects, send them to me and I'll get them on the list at http://www.cres.org/GHTC/index.htm#Projects . Among the folks who have expressed interest in the work of the committee is Chris Morgan. His recent email appears below the tentative agenda in this email.

6. As a Committee, born only one month ago, our baby steps are strong and promising.