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Since so many people are involved from so many places,
this may help for us all to be on "the same page"!

1. Venue 
2. Staging
3. Program sequence
4. Printed Program details
5. Promotion
6. Ticketing
7. Budget


Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, 13th and Broadway. Map of campus with photos: -- below are additional photos for those unfamiliar with our hosting facility. 

The chancel is in the east, so the font is on the north side of the front of the nave and the pulpit on the south.

The photos below are large. To skip them and continue to the next planning item, click here: 2. Staging




Another musical presentation at the nave front

"MESSIAH" SING-ALONG (wide-angle lens) showing THE BACK CROSS AISLE (more rows of pews behind (west of) the singers in red).
The door from the Tower is near the bottom left.



Candles (7-branch candelabras, menorahs) to signify Presentation of Jesus in the Jewish Temple) the illumined in the chancel and in the windows. House lights dimmer control available. The Star if possible. Incense from Mt Hiei (Enryaku-ji Buddhist Temple). Hindu Divali 5-wick 2-foot brass lamp. 

A pail of water to douse, and a blanket to smother, fire. 

Where will GHTC candles for blessing be? on the Holy Table?

Disarm alarms in display room for St John Bible. Rearm afterwards.
Display St John Bible at Luke 2:23-24. 

Disarm smoke alarms for incense. Rearm afterwards.

For the performance:
     Chorale stands on the font platform. Beau sits above the stairs to the left of the pulpit. Matt sits with him. Vern cowers nearby. See photos below (ignore Christmas decorations), although the photos don't do a good job of indicating the depth of space available.
      C=Chorale with 12 singers arranged by Becky.
      P=Beau and Matt when they perform. A chair will be there.
      S=Seating for Matt and Beau and Vern when they are not performing. When Vern speaks, he will use his 20" stepped single-person platform near the steps to the pulpit. [The idea is for the musical action to be by the choir ensemble on one side, the instrumental action and the sonnet readings in the middle, and the commentary from the side. Use of the pulpit for commentary would give it too much churchy weight.]

The Dean begins the hour with his welcome, perhaps from the floor at the front of the nave, with a mike.


TICKET TABLE (see 6 below)
three volunteers (1) to check off Will Call list, (2) take contributions for unreserved admission, (3) pass out programs, books, and a candle for those who did not bring candles to be blessed. 

WELCOME by the Dean 

PROCESSION with Beau Bledsoe (1) playing 
   led by acolyte with thurible
   acolyte(s) light chancel candles

Lit candles are carried from the chancel to the congregation. The person in each pew nearest the center aisle will light their candle from the lit candle and pass the light down the pew. Please tilt your unlit candle toward the lit candle, which should be held straight up while the candle is lit.
     A candle, placed behind the jar of Waters of the World, is lit, and from thence candles in the audience are lit, row by row. When all are lit, a prayer of blessing is said by all.

Blessing of candles borrowing phrases from TS Eliot
Voiced by all

                    As our light illumines one another, 
                    let us join our voices together:

O LIGHT INVISIBLE, too great for mortal vision,
in the midst of the world’s tumult, 
from uncertain travels in hope’s rickety wagon, 
through the darkness of chance and mishap—
we bring flames of the world’s faiths 
to fill the night, to answer the darkness, 
to remind us of the INVISIBLE FLAME, 
too bright for mortal vision, always with us. 
As in the Christian story the infant Jesus was   
     presented in the Temple and called a Light, 
as in Jewish faith candles mark the Sabbath, 
as in the Hindu faith Divali lights assure, 
as in the Qur'an Allah is called the Light, 
as the Buddha means the Enlightened One . . . 
as these and every other faith seek and give light,
     O LIGHT INVISIBLE, too great for mortal vision,
Bless us and these candles, that we may WITNESS
love’s light growing bright within and about us.
For these little lights that we can see and carry,
we give thanks for you, O LIGHT INVISIBLE. 

ASPERGES with Waters of the World 
      Flames are extinguished. Take candle home to bless your dwelling.


No intermission, 
bookstore open afterward performance, 
please withhold applause until after the Recessional
purchase copies of TFN from Cathedral Bookstore -- sample page  in program (prosimetrum) Vern donated books - GHTC ECS?

VERY SHORT CONVERSATION at P in the photos above, with Vern Barnet using headset mike asking Becky about How to listen to Wm Byrd's Mass  — asking  Matt Schwader (headset) about the English/Shaklespearean sonnet  — and Beau (floor mike) about Instumental music in Shakepeare's time. [final mike decisions awaiting help from Cathedral staff.]

SONG  —  Beau  (2)
during which an acolyte lights candles in the chancel

PROGRAM [downloadable PDF of the sonnets selected]

Sonnet 1 – Vern introduces / Matt reads
Song – Beau  (3)
Sonnet 2 – Vern introduces / Matt reads
[Introit] Adorna thalamum tuum – Byrd 1.43

Sonnet 11– Vern introduces / Matt reads
Kyrie – Mass  2.02

Sonnet 45– Vern introduces / Matt reads
Gloria – Mass  5.49

Sonnet 84– Vern introduces / Matt reads
Credo – Mass  8.07

Sonnet 88– Vern introduces / Matt reads
Confiteor – Song – Beau  (4)

Sonnet 136– Vern introduces / Matt reads
Sanctus – Mass  2.20
Benedictus – Mass 1.20

Sonnet 142– Vern introduces / Matt reads
Angus Dei – Mass 3.12

Sonnet 154– Vern introduces / Matt reads
[Dismissal] Nunc Dimittis – Byrd 7.00

Farewells -- performers happy to receive greetings at back of nave following the 

RECESSIONAL with Beau  (5) playing 



4. Printed Program details

The Cathedral will print color programs including color with Presentation window image. Gospel  ecky will review the material about the Byrd Mass (500 words), ready Jan 21. Peter review material on Candlemas-Presentation (250-500). Vern will draft and consult with Julie on final text and formatting. Notes include about the Byrd Mass, the Gospel (Luke 2:23-24  or Luke:23-32, Peter decide). 

Instructions on lighting and extinguishing candles held by the audience.

Explanation of Waters of the World as a KC Interfaith pledge and note of GHTC in 2002 - CBS


For their substantial help in making this Candlemas observance, thanks to the clergy, staff, and volunteers of Grace and Holy Tinity Cathedral, with its long and significant eucumenical and interfaith heritage. For their generous advance sponsorships, we thank:

 Note about GKCIC


André's Confiserie Suisse 

Tivoli slide before each movie.
Interfaith Council weekly email calendar
email blasts


6. Ticketing

Ticketing is on-line using PayPal with Jamie monitoring purchases and contributions. No one turned away regardless of ability to contribute. Ticketing means placed on reservation list.

At the event, we need three people (1) to check in those who made reservations, (2) take money from walk-ins, (3) help the other two and pass out programs, candles, etc. Geneva Blackmer has volunteered. 

TICKETING TABLE in Tower or just inside nave

7. Budget

Musicians and actor 
Promotions paid and in kind
Contract administration
Facility in kind
Printed programs in kind
Chocolates in kind

AIM: To finance the performance from advance contributions with receipts from ticket sales to thank the host facility, the performers and, contract help.